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  • Product Introduction

    The TQS Non-Tobacco Herbal Stick leads a revolutionary change in healthy vape. Not like other tobacco sticks, the TQS is made of tea powder. The botanical essence, along with the tar-free and no-burn heating methods, makes a healthier way in daily life. Users will enjoy the burden-free vape with any TQS products. The herbal formula of TQS re-defines the vape and creates unique module of life. Designed for most HNB (heating-no-burn) devices, each TQS Non-Tobacco Herbal Stick supports about 13~15 puffs. 20 sticks each pack. 

Stick Parameters: 7.35mm x 45.00mm 
Puffs: 13~15 Each Stick
Ingredients: Tea powder,  Food Flavor, Additives
Nicotine: 0% Nicotine
Tar: Free
Working Temperature: 280°C ~ 320°C
Storage Temperature:-20°C - 60°C


Herbal Material w/o Tobacco
Tar-free Design Brings Healthy Vape
Various Flavors for Selection
Non-tobacco ingredients but provide the areal smoking feeling
Extracted from pure natural tea, blended herbal essence