Mig Cig Standard eCig Batteries

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Compatable with Mig Prefilled cartridges , Mig Fusion Refillable tank and Trap450/Cannblast Tank

Thisis for Battery only 1 pc


Available in White, Black and Stainless Steel. The Automatic and Manual batteries are the easiest batteries to use. The MIG automatic battery operates the same as a traditional cigarette. All you do is puff after charging and connecting a cartridge filled with e-liquid. When you puff you are telling the E-Cig to activate the atomizer and produce vapor.  (To prime your MIG auto, take a long deep puff. This will heat up the liquid and create the thickest possible vapor on your subsequent puffs).
Manual is a battery that uses a push button to fire your Mig Vapor cigarette.
This is the longest lasting pen style e cig battery.Over a year in design, Mig's smart batteries are simply the best... Period. The Standard battery good for mega puffs (depending on your hits). Our standard battery is almost double the power of the competition.

IC controller board inside - that means your power is regulated for full power from the first hit to the last. No more power weakening sensation, when you use your Mig Vapor vape cig. Mig Vapor batteries will give you high power from the first puff to the last - this means that the flavor never fades as you progress through the cartridge!

Mig Cig Standard eCig Batteries, used for eCig cartridgesalso Clear Fusion Tanks.


  • 1 Standard Auto or Manual battery
  • Longest lasting pen style e cig battery
  • 4.2 Volts
  • 280mAh power
  • Almost double the power of the competition
  • IC controller board inside
  • Translucent Blue light
  • Use with Mig Vapor charger only
  • White
  • Black
  • Stainless steel